what are polystyrene balls used for

Polystyrene is the type of a plastic that is manufactured from the petroleum by-products. Polystyrene is formed from the hydrocarbon molecules and that afterwards take the shape of small particles of foam after heating and processing. These tiny foam particles, or balls which are known as the polystyrene balls, are big enough to be noticeable by the human eye, however small as well as lightweight enough to be utilized in an extensive range of applications.

As filler Packaging Materials:

The polystyrene balls are use as filler material in the consumer goods. These balls are used in the majority beanbag chairs, in addition to small foot bags, pillows or cushions and pet beds.

As Cavity Insulation:

The polystyrene balls might serve as the wall cavity insulation in buildings and homes. They are mainly effective when they are installed in the existing walls, where it might be unfeasible to put in conventional fiberglass blankets.

Expanded Polystyrene Foam:

The polystyrene balls might be molded together to shape the expanded polystyrene foam. This expanded polystyrene foam serve up as known packaging materials, although the tiny foam peanuts could be used to cushion the objects while shipping them to secure them from breaking or damaging.

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